Boletim de Oportunidades Acadêmicas

O Boletim de Oportunidades Acadêmicas (B.O.A) é uma iniciativa da DIREITO SP que tem como objetivo reunir, em um único documento, informações úteis de várias chamadas em aberto para diversos tipos de atividades acadêmicas, em âmbito nacional e internacional.
  • Fifth WINIR Conference - Institutions and the Future of Global Capitalism

    The twenty-first century will see major disruptions to the global balance of politico-economic power. China will soon become the world’s largest economy; India is another rising giant. These and other developments – including growing inequality in several major economies – contest the Western institutional model of economic development and mount new institutional challenges at the global level. There is a recognised need for new or enhanced international orders, to sustain peace and international trade, as well as to address the problem of climate change. Meanwhile, an extended period of global integration has fuelled local discontent and led to a rise of nationalism and separatism. The international challenges of the twenty-first century place institutional development and reform at the top of the agenda.

    Organised in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Law, the Fifth WINIR Conference will explore these institutional challenges. Contributions from any academic discipline or theoretical approach that address the challenges and dynamics of the economic, political, legal and social institutions of our time are welcome. Submissions on other aspects of institutional research are also welcome, with preference to those that relate to WINIR’s aims and research priorities.

    The conference will open on the afternoon of Friday 14 September 2018 and end with a dinner on the evening of Sunday 16 September. Delegates will depart on Monday 17 September. The Friday sessions will be held on the attractive campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the New Territories district. On Saturday and Sunday the conference will be held in the heart of the Central district of Hong Kong.

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