Professores Visitantes

Além dos programas de intercâmbio, a Escola também incentiva a realização de seminários e conferências internacionais, além de oferecer cursos de curta duração ministrados por professores visitantes. 

Ementas dos Cursos


Nenhum curso relacionado no momento.

  • Mai

    U.S. Constitutional Law

    Columbia University
    15 h/aula
    1 credito
  • Abr

    Global Competition Law

    Koç University
    15 h/aula
    1 credito
  • Mar

    The Future of Investment Law in a Polarized World

    15 h/aula
    1 credito
  • Nov

    International and European Contract Law, the formation of contracts

    Francisco de Elizalde
    IE Law School
  • Ago

    ICTs Revolution, Democracy and the Rule of Law

    Ugo Pagallo
    Universitá di Torino
  • Mai - Jun

    Society and Law: The Italian Experience of "MANI PULITE"

    Serena Quattrocolo
    Universitá di Torino
  • Eduard Ivanov
    Eduard Ivanov

    Graduated in Law from the Moscow State University (Lomonosov University) in 1993. In 2005 became Dr. of  Law at the Institute for State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The theme of doctoral dissertation is: «The System of international legal regulation of fighting against money laundering». Prof. E. Ivanov is author of 43 academic works published in Russia and abroad on theory of international law, international criminal law, fighting against terrorism, transnational crime, corruption, money laundering and cybercrime, legal status of the Order of Malta.

  • Following law school, Professor Critchlow entered private practice, with Critchlow & Williams in Richland, Wash., where he specialized in personal injury, family law, and criminal defense. He joined the Gonzaga Law School faculty in 1980 as a clinical professor. Over the years, Prof. Critchlow has taught Pleadings and Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, International Human Rights Law, and Litigation Skills and Professionalism, while continuing his clinical work.
    Prof. Critchlow is admitted to practice in Washington State, in the United States District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Washington, in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and in the United States Supreme Court. He has conducted civil and criminal litigation in state and federal trial and appellate courts.

  • Guilhermo Jorge

    Professor of International Business & Globalization – Criminal Law at Universidad de San Andrés and Partner at Guillermo Jorge & Asociados. Prof. Guillermo is also Director of the Research Program on the Control of Corruption and Professor of Law at San Andrés University.

  • Heba Shahein

    Dr. Heba Shahein, experienced competition lawyer and academic and excellent team leader. Dr. Shahein was the Chairman’s Consultant in the Egyptian Competition Authority (2009-2011).  She has advised competition authorities, regulators and law firms in: Colombia, Egypt, Thailand and South Africa. Dr. Shahein has organised many conferences including: the African Competition Forum (Kenya-March 2011) and the workshop for the Egyptian Prosecutors for Competition Awareness (Egypt-May 2012).


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