Fachada da Escola de Direito de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas


Brazil’s position in the list of leading powerful nations has led to a change in the contents of the classic areas of law and the emergence of new fields of study and new types of law practices, which calls for law professionals who are both highly qualified and capable of working at higher levels in the world of law.

To meet the demands of today's market, DIREITO SP students are prepared to work in public and private organizations and to dialogue with other fields of knowledge, so that they can positively and profoundly influence the legal scenario in Brazil and in other nations.

The calling of DIREITO SP, in its academic programs, is to be a school with PhD Professors and students fully dedicated to teaching and research and committed to constant innovation, both in using participatory methods of teaching and conducting research – preferably empirical, collective, and of public interest — with high level of quality.

Concerning executive education, DIREITO SP seeks to enter deeply into the legal market, bearing in mind the integration of law and other fields of knowledge and the development of important skills for the professional performance of its students. The distinguishing feature of its Professional Development and Specialization in Law (GVlaw) consists in research groups that produce their own teaching materials and literature, to provide students with updated materials consistent with the assumptions of DIREITO SP.

With these assumptions and actions in mind, DIREITO SP seeks to consolidate itself as an alternative to the traditional model of legal education and maintain a critical stance in this field of knowledge.

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