Academic Master's Degree

The Master’s Program in Law and Development of DIREITO SP, approved by CAPES in December 2007, was designed to provide researchers and legal practitioners with an excellent academic experience in Brazil. It is designed to train a new generation of scholars and professionals capable of responding to the challenges of a rapidly changing society that is currently undergoing international integration. These professionals would thus be filled with legal expertise to assist their development.  
Taught by professors with international experience, working on a full-time basis, the Master’s Program does not only offer a course to students, but it also creates an opportunity for students to integrate with a vibrant community of teaching and research, which has focused on renewing the Brazilian legal mindset by meeting the demands of an ever complex world into which Brazil has been gradually integrating.

Law and Development

For decades, the issue of development has been on the agenda of governments, international agencies, companies and scholars. In Brazil, especially during Vargas’ administration, the theme of national development, more sharply from the Vargas government, captured drew the attention of a number of generations of scholars, public figures, as well as specific sectors of the Brazilian business community. In the past, the concept of development was found to be strictly associated with the idea of economic growth. In the past decade, the imperatives of environmental sustainability, increased access to the markets, social responsibility, human rights, rule of law and democracy were incorporated into the concept of development.
In this sense, the very relationship of law with the issue of development has changed dramatically. Firstly, it was realized that the quality of the institutions of the rule of law is directly associated with sustainable development. Countries with strong judicial branches, with clear rules and honest and efficient law enforcement agencies, have enormous comparative advantages. More than that, Law has proven an indispensable tool to make sure that this growth may affect positively the social balance of a given society. Internationally, new institutions and regulations have emerged to underpin the global economy. Law has become a field of knowledge that is central to all those wishing to work with or reflect on development in a broader sense.


Research Areas

From the very beginning of its history until the late nineties, DIREITO SP took the issue of relations between law and development as a connecting thread for its programs of education, research and professional development, confirming thus a historic documented commitment of Fundação Getulio Vargas, which consists in “contributing to the socio-economic development of Brazil, to the improvement of Brazilian ethical standards, to an accountable and shared governance style, and to Brazil’s inclusion in the international arena” (FGV’s institutional mission). In this sense, DIREITO SP has chosen Law and Development to be the main field of study of its Master’s Program. This is the natural result of a process of academic and institutional progression of our School.
To guide research and education on Law and Development, the Master’s Program has areas of research:

a) Business law and economic and social development 
b) Institutions of the Rule of Law and political and social development


Target Audience

The course is designed for professionals and researchers wishing to participate in a unique academic experience in Brazil. Those with a diploma in law and related areas such as Social Sciences, Economics or Business Administration, with an interest in the field of Law and Development, are eligible to the program. The goal is to intellectually qualify researchers who operate both in the academic setting and professionals working for governmental or private entities.



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