Applied Legal Research Coordination (CPJA)

The Applied Legal Research Coordination (CPJA) concentrates a good part of FGV Sao Paulo Law School's efforts to consolidate the think tank vocation of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

CPJA's mission is to articulate and promote applied research, seeking to improve and universalize the rule of law in Brazil, with special attention to mapping, analyzing, and qualifying institutions responsible for interpreting and applying the law.

With constant dialogue with the public and private sectors and the organized civil society, FGV Sao Paulo Law School works through partnerships in research projects that result in impact products, such as policy papers, public databases, participation in discussion forums, and suggestions for legislative proposals.

Thematic research centers nuclei and groups dialogue with those responsible for Brazilian institutional architecture, with public policymakers, and with professionals who interpret and apply the Law in Brazil.

CPJA works as a facilitator for carrying out collective research in partnership with different stakeholders, contributing to the dissemination of its results to affect positively Brazilian society.

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Solutions to contribute to the country's development

Based on methodological accuracy specific to scientific production, applied research at FGV Sao Paulo Law School focuses on complex and multifaceted problems, which involve intricate normative chains and law enforcement institutions, to propose solutions that contribute to the country's development.

These are studies in the field of human rights, law and technology, infrastructure, environmental licensing, the judiciary, civil society organizations, fiscal transparency, gender diversity, elections, economic criminal law, public security, and racial justice, carried out by researchers involved with these topics in their professional lives, shared from the beginning with stakeholders from the public, private, and third sectors.

Research themes have the potential to influence school programs’ management, combining cutting-edge knowledge production with innovative teaching practices.

In addition,  research results constitute a public good that influences decision-makers, producing an impact on the improvement of the institutions involved.

Research in focus

In this video, it is possible to know a little more about the Applied Legal Research produced at FGV Sao Paulo Law School.

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