Casoteca FGV Direito SP: São Paulo Law School

Casoteca is a Project developed by FGV Sao Paulo Law School through a partnership with Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to innovate and update Law teaching. It is a digital collection of teaching cases produced by researchers selected by public calls, and by school professors.  

Cases present real situation narratives involving Law, and can be used both in participatory classes that use the case method and in research and studies.

In addition to presenting the problem-situation narrative and documents, each case  has a teaching note with suggestions for its use in the classroom.

The cases address some current and controversial topics, and their content reflects the opinion of their authors, not of FGV São Paulo Law School. All these cases are public goods, available for free consultation and download, and may be cited, as long as the source is mentioned.

Suggested citation: LIMA, Leandro R. R. et al. MG 050: arbitration in public-private partnerships. Casoteca FGV Sao Paulo Law School, 2011. Available at:…. Accessed in: 20 Dec. 2011.