Clinic on Access to Justice and Public Interest Advocacy

The proposal of this clinic, , coordinated by Professor Maria Cecília de Araújo Asperti, is to encourage projects that question the poor distribution of access to justice in Brazil, analyzing procedural and institutional bottlenecks through thematic observatories and interactions with relevant actors.

In terms of observatory and research activities, the clinic seeks to investigate, through the analysis of judicial processes and decisions, cases of systematic violations of rights that have occurred within the justice system itself, and identify how institutions can disregard or perpetuate inequalities and prejudices. The main goal is to  think about the changes needed to pursue a truly transformative access to justice.

Regarding  the interactions , an important part of the clinic focuses on rights education, with workshops and joint projects with schools and other community representatives, on topics such as social rights, social movements, the fight for rights, political rights, and children and teenagers’ rights, among other relevant themes.

The clinic also focuses on structuring and formalizing the Saracura Legal Assistance Center (CAJU), an entity of FGV Direito SP students that provides legal assistance to the vulnerable and underprivileged population, and the defense of causes related to human rights and access to justice, created in 2019. Since then, the clinic's projects are carried out, whenever possible, in partnership with CAJU, aiming to strengthen its community initiatives and articulations.


Research on (Non) Access to justice in cases of compensation for victims’ relatives of the Carandiru Massacre

Research performed in the second half of 2018, and published in the collection of articles "State Violence: External control of police activity, society and the justice system", organized by the Federal Public Ministry.

Access the collection of articles =>

Booklets of the Rights Education project

Booklets produced by the clinic, in partnership with Maria Augusta Saraiva State School and Mauro de Menezes State School, as a result of three workshops on rights and citizenship, on the themes “Social Movements and Rights”, “Child and Teenager Statute” and “Political Rights”.

Access the booklet Fight for Rights and Social Movements

Access the booklet Child and Teenager Statute

Online events about over-indebtedness  

Online events about over-indebtedness made in the context of the "Fair Debt" project, in the second half of 2020, which addressed indebtedness and financial planning, as well as a virtual task force for legal assistance, preceded by virtual training of students and volunteer lawyers.

Access the video of the event “Over-indebtedness: What it is and how to get rid of it

Access the video of the event “Over-indebtedness: how to face it in small businesses”