Clinic on Human Rights and Business

The operation of large companies, as well as the execution of large infrastructure works, have a significant impact on society and the environment, especially in their three direct spheres of influence: workers and partners, suppliers, and the communities where they operate. In addition, the extension of complex, differentiated, and internationalized production chains can often create conditions that favor violations of human rights of employees and the communities involved.

Based on this observation, the objectives of the Clinic on Human Rights and Business, coordinated by Professor Flávia Scabin, consist not only in seeking dialogue with companies and civil society, to influence business sector commitment for the protection of human rights, but also to provide subsidies for adapting policies and legislation to become more effective in protecting these rights.


Proposed Resettlement of the Riverside Community of Altamira-PA

In the second half of 2019, clinic's students worked in partnership with the Socio-environmental Institute  and the Xingu Riverside Council to prepare a Technical Note on alternative scenarios for the use of Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant reservoir region, considering the rights of the riverside communities resettled there, and the environment protection. Submitted to IBAMA, the Technical Note will be the basis for negotiations involving the Norte Energia Company, the government, and riverside dwellers to determine the conditions for resettlement, considering the concepts of appropriate housing and sustainable development.

Access the Technical Note ‘Proposed Resettlement of the Riverside Community of Altamira’