Course Evaluations

The commitment to excellence is present in all activities of FGV Sao Paulo Law School. To achieve this goal, school's assessment uses different ways of collecting information to guide its management and improve its activities.

See below the forms of evaluation used. 

External Evaluation

FGV Sao Paulo Law School is visited by committees of professors from Inep/MEC and guests from partner institutions, who carefully analyze it and prepare evaluation reports, which are used for institutional improvement. In the assessments completed by Inep/MEC, for authorizing the course's accreditation, FGV Sao Paulo Law School obtained excellent marks in all  dimensions.

Institutional Self-Assessment

Through the Permanent Assessment Committee (CPA), composed by representatives of the academic community and civil society, FGV Sao Paulo Law School promotes careful internal evaluations that support the Institutional Strategic Planning.

National Student Performance Exam (Enade)

The National Student Performance Exam (Enade) is applied by Inep, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, every three years, for freshmen and seniors of selected Undergraduate courses. The last Enade, held in 2018, was applied to Undergraduate Law students, among others, and FGV Sao Paulo Law School achieved the maximum grade (5), both in the Exam and in its unfolding, such as the Preliminary Course Concept (CPC) and the General Index of Courses (IGC). 

Follow-up meetings with the Undergraduate Course Coordination

The Undergraduate Course Coordination organizes meetings with students of each class, to discuss their impressions on each discipline, on the school, and on the course as a whole. In these meetings, the coordinator also debates with them the parameters that guide the course project, their impressions about the experience, and questions raised by them. After each meeting, the highlighted points are handled as a priority matter by the Coordination and those responsible, in order to get improvements as soon as possible.