The São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas (DIREITO SP)  was born in 2002 with the first professional development law courses offered by its Executive Education Program (GVlaw), the mission of which was to train professionals capable of providing proper legal responses to the most stringent demands arising from society and the market.

The next step came in 2005 with the launch of undergraduate programs. DIREITO SP chose to build up small groups, selecting fifty students per year at the most, requiring their full-time dedication in the first three years of a program that stands out for reworking, in its curriculum, the traditional divisions of law studies. Such an innovative program brings into classrooms a contemporary approach to law, constantly dialoguing with other subjects such as accounting, administration and economics, and putting students’ education closer to the needs of the business world. The program also emphasizes the importance of seeking the critical sense, constantly challenging students to take a stand before the deep social transformations underway in Brazil and worldwide.
With small classes, also requiring full-time dedication from students, since 2008, DIREITO SP’S masters on law and development has been encouraging students to research and produce analytical academic materials to serve as a tool in designing development-oriented public policies.


Seeking to provide outstanding legal education and research, in 2005, DIREITO SP introduced an innovative undergraduate course whose proposal was to avoid repeating the traditional models adopted in law schools.

Academic Master's Degree

The Academic Master’s Program in Law and Development of DIREITO SP, approved by CAPES in December 2007, was designed to provide researchers and legal practitioners with an excellent academic experience in Brazil.

Professional Master's Degree

In 2012, DIREITO SP received the approval from Capes to implement the first Professional Master’s Course  in Law, in Brazil.

Graduate Program (GVlaw)

The DIREITO SP Graduate Program (GVlaw) is another striking example of the dedication of Fundação Getulio Vargas to legal education.

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