Duração do curso
18 to 30 months
Professional Master’s Degree in Law and Entrepreneurship

The Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School is a Graduate Specialization Program that, like traditional academic programs, grants the title of Master in Law. The program, a pioneer among professional Masters in Law in the country, is aimed at private and public lawyers, regulators,, judges, managers, and public policy-makers, as well as members of bodies responsible for tax inspection, investigation, and criminal prosecution. Its primary goal is the professional training of students, through the development of skills valued by the labor market, such as intellectual rigor, critical thinking, strategic vision, analytical capacity, multidisciplinary dialogue, international connections, and ethical judgments.

The Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School has been operating since 2013, and has already qualified more than two hundred students.

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Why choose FGV Sao Paulo Law School Professional Master’s Degree? 

Focus on Law and Venture

The concentration area of the Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School is Law and Venture, showing the option for a wider approach to the socio-economic reality. The program is committed to generating legal knowledge that can be immediately applicable and has practical utility, based on properly oriented research activities. We expect that the program’s research and technological production  can contribute to the improvement of professional practice, to the legal system, and to Brazilian institutions.

Courses of action

The program has five courses of action well characterized in terms of their scope, but articulated through the common axis of business activity, including the multiple interactions between the public and private sectors: Public Law, Economic Criminal Law, Tax Law, Business Law, and Law and Technology. The five courses involve the study and research of legal practices and solutions, from an integrated and multidisciplinary view of reality, and its consequences on the fields of business, taxation, and interactions between public and private sectors, including dispute resolution, professional ethics, and criminalization of economic conduct. The program's research model focuses on exploring complex legal problems, insufficiently formalized practices, or paradigmatic cases, with empirism and theory as support for the production of applied and effectively used knowledge.

Multidisciplinary approach

The transformation of Law, caused by globalization, by the impact of technology on legal professions, and by the expansion of available mechanisms for mediating conflicts and structuring solutions, demands a new approach from professionals and, consequently, from teaching. With a strong multidisciplinary characteristic, the program is based on the assumption that building innovative solutions requires a professional prepared to challenge consolidated understandings of legal institutes, based on knowledge from fields that complement Law. Dialogue with areas such as economics, sociology, business administration, and public management adds to the use of participatory teaching methodology, where the student takes the lead in the classroom. This methodology is based on case studies and solving concrete problems, allowing contextualized and theoretically deepened legal reflection, while using the student's reasoning ability and intellectual autonomy.

Contemporary curriculum

The program's curriculum consists of subjects that dialogue with the concrete reality of the Law practiced in law firms, companies, public power, and the third sector. To achieve a professional master's degree, the student must attend at least 8 disciplines of 30 hours, do extracurricular activities, and produce a final paper under a professor’s guidance. The program follows the school calendar: each academic semester lasts four months (March to June; August to November), interspersed with vacation periods. Classes can take place weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on the program line or the class profile. Some subjects are mandatory, due to their transversal nature or thematic relevance for each line of the program. There is also a wide range of elective disciplines, and it is up to the student to choose those that interest him. Part of the course load of subjects can also be fulfilled through monitored activities. Extracurricular activities include participation in methodology and research seminars, monitoring of boards with report delivery, engagement in applied research projects or technical assistance linked to the program, in addition to the guided production of essays and articles.

Outstanding faculty

The program's faculty is comprised of more than 40 highly qualified professors who combine academic excellence and practical experience. The program also receives guest professors from FGV Sao Paulo Law School partner institutions, and other national and foreign institutions.


The program offers students a highly international environment, based on constant interaction with foreign actors and institutions, to map trends and identify new directions in the legal area. Students have access to courses taught in English by foreign and Brazilian professors, on topics related to their research lines and current legal problems. In addition, the program offers students the opportunity to take courses at institutions that have agreements with FGV Sao Paulo Law School, as well as to participate in immersions developed specifically for the student body of the Professional MASTER.

Courses of action

Student body 

Find out who are the students that are taking the Professional Master's Degree and those who have already achieved a Master's degree, and learn about the student research projects in progress.

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Professional Master’s Degree

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Revista Jurídica Profissional
ISSN: 2764-8664


A Revista Jurídica Profissional, de formato eletrônico e periodicidade semestral, foi idealizada pelo Mestrado Profissional da FGV Direito SP, responsável por sua curadoria. Trata-se de um veículo para disseminação de conhecimento jurídico aplicado, com ênfase em boas práticas e inovação, a partir da abordagem crítica de temas, questões e problemas de interesse dos profissionais do Direito.


What do professionals who attended the Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School say?

Watch testimonies from program’s students and alumni. They are professionals who work in different areas of law, in law firms, companies, third sector organizations, and public bodies. Find out about the experience and the benefits of investing in the course.

The teaching method proposed at the Professional Master can be very practical, with current topics, and at the same time focused on the theoretical part. Teachers have a constant concern for not letting the debate in the classroom become common sense. The expression that translates what the Professional Master means is professional maturity.

Thaís Rey Grandizoli

alumni of the Professional Master in Business Law

I became interested in the program because it combines professional experience and academic debate. The course is well planned and designed, the examples discussed in the classroom are based on practical cases, and the issues debated are the same ones I face in my professional activity. I can already see the contribution the program makes to my career.

Marco Antônio Barbosa

Student of the Professional Master's Degree in Economic Criminal Law

When I saw the possibility of reconciling professional life and professional experience and being able to have colleagues with the same experience and share legal problems with them, I found it much more interesting and enriching. The possibility of sharing experiences with colleagues who have relevant professional backgrounds was an incredible differential.

Daniela Lara

Alumni of the Professional Master's Degree in Tax Law

I studied many things  that I didn't think I would study, but on the positive side: many cases from abroad, as some legal matters are dealt with in other jurisdictions, and this helped me a lot to improve my work, and this puts you on an incredible growth track.

Frederico Bastos

Alumni of the Professional Master's Degree in Business Law

I was away from the academic environment for years, and lacked a theoretical framework to solve more delicate and sensitive cases. I often had an intuition, but it was difficult to build a solid argument or even refute that intuition. I decided to join the program precisely because of this dialogue between theory and practice. It exceeded my expectations, the teachers challenge us in each class, and I already feel a difference in my professional performance, as I apply the knowledge acquired.

Luciane Kravetz

Student of the Professional Master's Degree in Public Law at FGV Direito SP: São Paulo Law School

Before studying here, I got a LLM in the United States, and felt the need to take a deeper look at some issues of Brazilian Law. The Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School is based on the assumption that practical problems can raise academic questions. And FGV has a more globalized view of Law, a more international, bold and modern research and academic activity.

Rodrigo Salinas

Alumni of the Professional Master's Degree in Business Law

The purpose of the program is to qualify the professional performance with theoretical instruments. In addition, the Economic Criminal Law line is very much related to my daily life at the Public Ministry. Everything we see in the classroom can be applied.

Douglas Fernandes

Student of the Professional Master's Degree in Economic Criminal Law at FGV Sao Paulo Law School

The program is characterized by the constant search for legal solutions that end up being practical solutions that create value for customers. In each class, you received economic, accounting, and technological concepts. It's a complete master's degree, which opens a series of doors to you.

Cassius Vinicius

Alumni of the Professional Master's Degree in Tax Law


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