Duração do curso
5 years
Período de inscrição
24/10 - 25/12/2021
Inscrição Vestibular e Vestibular DSD: até 11/10/2024
Internships and professional guidance

FGV Sao Paulo Law School is constantly concerned with the process of orientation and professional placement of its students and graduates, from the first exposure to a professional internship, until their placement in the market after graduation.

To do that, the school has a qualified team to offer different mechanisms of individual support for professional orientation, such as mentoring, curriculum review, and simulated interviews, as well as collective actions, such as the permanent dissemination of selected job opportunities, holding the annual Internship Fair and offering events  the Professional Guidance Cycle. These activities aim to assist students and graduates in their insertion and professional relocation through training, so that they feel able and confident to conduct selection processes and search new job opportunities by themselves.

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Internships and complementary vacation activity

Thinking of bringing its students closer to the job market during the entire period of the course (1st to 3rd year), FGV Sao Paulo Law School encourages and promotes internships and complementary vacation activities during academic recess periods, in July and January of each year.

The vacation internship provides students with professional experience for one month, during academic recess periods (July or January), and can be done at the school's partner employers, who constantly offer opportunities to our students.

The complementary vacation activity consists of a program with educational purposes for insertion in professional environments in the area of Law, offered to FGV Sao Paulo Law School students during their school breaks, with a maximum duration of two weeks, without pay. For more information about the offer of vacancies for vacation internships or complementary vacation activities, contact us by email at estagios.direitosp@fgv.br

Disclosure of internship vacancies and career opportunities

The Professional Guidance team at FGV Sao Paulo Law School discloses selected internship vacancies at law firms of all sizes, public agencies, third sector entities, companies, and financial institutions.


If you want to advertise internship opportunities, please DONWLOAD the form for advertising vacancies and send the completed file to the email estagios.direitosp@fgv.br


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