Duração do curso
5 years
Período de inscrição
24/10 - 25/12/2021
Inscrição Vestibular e Vestibular DSD: até 20/10/2023
Innovation in Law Teaching

The Undergraduate Law Program at FGV Sao Paulo Law School, created in 2005, has the goal to break with traditional education by bringing to the classroom a contemporary approach to Law. It includes participatory methodologies and a constant dialog with other areas of knowledge.

With an innovative and continuously evolving syllabus, FGV Sao Paulo Law School places the students as leading actors  of the learning process, empowering them to find solutions to legal problems they will face when entering the labor market.

Students at FGV Sao Paulo Law School are prepared to work in the public and private sectors and to interact with other fields of knowledge in order to  influence positively and deeply the Brazilian and international legal scene. Hence, the school intends to train a new generation of legal professionals to face complex problems and the diversity of demands from society, through entrepreneurship and creativity.

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Why choose the Undergraduate Law Program at FGV Sao Paulo Law School?

Transforming Pedagogical Proposal

In the Undergraduate Program at FGV Sao Paulo Law School, the student is the leading actor of his/her learning process. Full-time teaching in the first three years of the course allows students to dedicate themselves exclusively to their education, based on a participatory teaching methodology that encourages identifying their vocations, develops creativity and autonomy in building knowledge and solving problems. The use of participatory methods, such as learning based on concrete case studies, also enables the development of skills necessary for the legal profession, such as teamwork, formulation and negotiation of strategies, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the ability for decision-making and dealing with ethical issues.

Continuous innovation

Based on the diagnosis that the integration of technology into legal services will deeply change legal careers, FGV Sao Paulo Law School is always attentive to the new challenges brought by information technology and artificial intelligence to the field of Law. The school keeps the Center for Education and Research on Innovation (CEPI), a body dedicated to producing knowledge on the impact of new technologies on legal professions and law teaching, professor training, and the development of teaching strategies to prepare students for the professional demands of the 21st century.

Multidisciplinary approach

Currently, the market requires from professionals a solid knowledge of Law and other sciences, due to the complexity of legal demands. Thus, undergraduate students, since the first year, are exposed to dialoguing with other areas of knowledge, such as ethics, philosophy, accounting, administration, political science, and economics. The school also has a strong synergy with other FGV courses, such as Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, and International Relations, providing  students with an integrated environment for knowledge exchange between undergraduate and graduate programs.


FGV Sao Paulo Law School may be considered one of the law schools with the largest international insertion in the country. Relying on experienced faculty and researchers with international exposure, together with its innovative character, the school has attracted the attention of several international partners, enjoying the prestige and network of contacts already achieved by FGV. The internationalization process brings major benefits to teaching and research s, by enabling classes and studies jointly with the main foreign universities. It also ensures that its students and professors get closer to the most important legal discussions held in other countries. The school strongly encourages exchanges abroad throughout the course, and has a network of about 50 partner institutions in all continents. It also keeps the Global Law Program, entirely taught in English, and conducted by visiting professors and FGV professors. The purpose is to prepare lawyers to act in an international scenario, where Brazil has an increasing participation.

Contemporary syllabus

FGV Sao Paulo Law School believes that the formation of new law graduates demands a course project that emphasizes active teaching methodologies, instead of repeating current models that have guided Law education until now. The undergraduate program offers students a syllabus for training professionals to be able to face the contemporary challenges of Law, consolidating itself as an alternative in content and form to the traditional curriculum. Throughout the course, students have numerous academic opportunities such as multidisciplinary projects, legal practice clinics, immersion activities, Law laboratories, and study groups. They can also participate in a scientific initiation project, extension activities, enroll in vacation programs, register for national and international students’ competitions, and exchange programs, among others. Students can also choose a series of elective courses at FGV schools of Administration, Economics, and International Relations. There is also the possibility of getting a double degree in Law and Administration, or Law and Economics, in a short period.


It is composed mainly of full-time PhD professors, who are in a constant process of intellectual qualification and dedicated to the production of contemporary, updated, and innovative legal knowledge. This provides students with a comprehensive and individualized care,  from the beginning to the end of the course. FGV Sao Paulo Law School also has a tutoring program to guide students and assist them in issues involving the academic life and future career, identifying needs and forwarding issues to the different instances of student support.

Professional insertion

In a country with more than 1,000 law courses, employability at the end of the program is one of the main students’ concerns, both when choosing an educational institution and throughout their education. To help its students in the process of professional insertion, FGV Law SP offers them real support. The school annually promotes the Internship Fair, an event attended by employers, which provides the first professional contact of students with several law firms and legal departments of companies from different sectors in São Paulo, in a favorable and exclusive environment, intermediated by the educational institution. In addition, school's students, disputed by the legal market, also have a team to advise them in developing and reviewing their CVs, simulating interviews, and lecturing on behavior at the workplace and possibilities for legal careers.

Basic information

The Undergraduate Law Program at FGV Sao Paulo Law School lasts five year. During the first three years, classes are full-time (morning and afternoon). In the two final years, they change to the morning period, when students are able to do internship. The program offers 80 vacancies per year, with the possibility of reaching a maximum of 100, respecting the ranking order, the conditions of the course offer, and the specific authorization from the Ministry of Education.

Contemporary curriculum

The undergraduate program offers students a course syllabus capable of training professionals able to face the contemporary challenges of Law, consolidating itself as an alternative, in content and form, to the traditional curriculum.

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Dupla Graduação

A FGV Direito SP mantém dois programas de dupla graduação, para que os alunos possam decidir ingressar em dois cursos simultaneamente desde o vestibular ou mais para a frente, no sétimo semestre, a partir de uma seleção interna.

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Multidisciplinary Projects

Multidisciplinary projects are disciplines based on projects of complex themes that result in proposals for real intervention, produced by students under the supervision of two professors from different Law areas.

Alunos, aluna e professor em atividade multidisciplinar

Undergraduate Program

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Double Degrees

The Double Degree Program allows FGV Sao Paulo Law School students to also get a diploma in Business Administration, Public Administration, or Economics, without having to take a new entrance exam– but through an internal selection process –, earning two degrees in a short time.

If a Law student chooses to get a double-degree in the seventh semester, for example, he can complete both courses in approximately seven and a half years.

Whether in Administration or Economics, the Double Degree, jointly with the Law course, allows complementing studies in two professions that make up a large area of knowledge, which will give the graduate professional an outstanding qualification, increasing his/her competitiveness in the market.

Scientific Initiation Program (PIC)

The Scientific Initiation Program (PIC), with scholarships offered by FGV Sao Paulo Law School, is open to students from both FGV Sao Paulo Law School and other educational institutions throughout Brazil. Its goal is to identify young scholars with scientific potential and train them from an early age as researchers of excellence in various legal topics.

Bar exam

FGV Sao Paulo Law School offers multidisciplinary training that allows its students to choose different profiles of legal and non-legal professions. The school has achieved high approval rates of its students and graduates in Bar Exams, having received the OAB Quality Seal (“OAB Recommends”) from the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)) in all editions of this certification, since the first class of graduates.


FGV Sao Paulo Law School has several computer labs, as well as a model-office structure for legal practice.

Learn more at http://www.fgv.br/lepi/HOME.aspx

Intercâmbio na FGV Direito Rio

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