International Affairs

DIREITO SP’s integration into the world arena involves students, professors and researchers and is fostered by the belief that international experience is essential for training lawyers prepared to work in a globalized world.

The School can now be considered one of the most internationalized law schools of Brazil. Our professors and researchers are highly qualified and have international experience. An innovative educational approach increasingly attracts the attention of educational institutions from all continents, resulting in fruitful collaborations for the process of discussion and construction of collective actions.

Through courses and research conducted together, establishing closer relationships with foreign universities has strengthened the role of our School in the global scenario. This internationalization has enabled the inclusion of students and faculty members in the discussions of major global agendas.

The opportunities offered to the students along the course include academic exchange programs with other law schools. Undergraduate students in the fourth or fifth year or in the third semester of specialization have the opportunity to take some courses in a renowned foreign school with equivalency of credits in DIREITO SP.

Such experience is strongly encouraged, since we believe that international experiences are of essence for training lawyers prepared to work in a globalized world. These programs encourage relationships with other legal systems and with a growing set of international standards. This knowledge is essential to any lawyer wishing to work in other countries.

In order to offer academic experiences that measure up its course, DIREITO SP established exchange programs with renowned institutions abroad.

In addition to exchange programs, the School also encourages international experiences in other ways such as in seminars and conferences, as well as faculty exchanges with other law schools. Such measures provide a scenario where law research and teaching should be open to ongoing dialogue with the outside world, thus helping to enrich the academic environment of the school.

Global Law Program

The Global Law Program consists of a set of courses designed to prepare lawyers to work in an international scenario where Brazil has been increasingly present as a global player. Taught entirely in English by professors of DIREITO SP and visiting professors, it introduces the Brazilian legal system to foreign students, promotes extensive discussions on topics of global relevance from a Brazilian perspective and encourages discussions with a multidisciplinary approach. The program brought together undergraduate students (from the fourth cycle), Master’s students, graduate students taking specialization courses and students from the School of Business Administration of FGV (EAESP), both Brazilians and foreigners. In return, DIREITO SP students are eligible to enroll in the International Program in Management (IPM) and in the Master in International Management (MPGI), both sponsored by EAESP.

The Global Law Program has attracted students and professors from South Africa, Spain, France, India, Israel, Russia and the U.S., becoming an international reference.

Law Schools Global League

The São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas (DIREITO SP) and Tilburg University, the Netherlands, in a concerted effort, have created the Law Schools Global League (LSGL). It is a pioneering project worldwide, which seeks to respond to the challenges posed by the economic, political and financial globalization of law education.

The LSGL aims to find out common interests, facilitate cooperation in research and teaching methods, seek new talents in the academic area to increase international exposure, create training and teaching methods to meet the demands of internationalization of the legal profession.



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