Global Law Program

Global Law Program

The São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas (DIREITO SP) adopts a teaching methodology that is particularly different from the models traditionally adopted in other Brazilian law schools, enabling the development of a new professional profile for Bachelors of Law.

DIREITO SP has become a solid alternative to the traditional curriculum, both in terms of content and form, as it has redefined legal teaching models and come up with initiatives like the Global Law Program.

The Global Law Program consists of a set of courses taught in English. The purpose of the program is to prepare lawyers to work in an international scenario where Brazil has been increasingly present as a global player. To serve this purpose, this program was conceived to enable foreign students to understand the general guidelines of the Brazilian legal system, promote a wide debate on global topics under a Brazilian point of view, and engage Brazilian and foreign students in multidisciplinary discussions.



The program includes courses taught every two months for thirty (30) credit hours, corresponding to two (2) classroom credits and lectured by DIREITO SP Professors. It also offers short courses taught by foreign professors from institutions that are partners of DIREITO SP. The short duration courses are taught for fifteen (15) credit hours, corresponding to one (1) classroom credit. The official language of the program is English. Each course will offer 50 seats at the most.


The following students are eligible to the Global Law Program: undergraduate students (fourth Cycle), Master’s students; GVlaw students; and foreign students enrolled in exchange programs at DIREITO SP.
Undergraduate, master’s and GVlaw students should have attained a minimum grade average point of seven (7.0) and demonstrate English proficiency (TOEFL, IBT, 100 points minimum).
EAESP students (Brazilian and foreign), as well as DIREITO SP students, may also apply for the courses offered by da FGV/EAESP international programs.
The Global Law Program completion certificate will be provided to students passed in courses corresponding to ten (10) classroom credits within two (2) years.

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