Public Group

Ano de criação

The Public Group proposes, since 2004, ideas and legal solutions to public challenges based on research findings, contributing to the qualification of academic debates and professional practice. That is why it is such a plural group: professors, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, public law professionals, managers, and partner institutions take part in its activities. Currently, the Public Group focuses on studying the control of public administration. Its main initiatives are the Federal Accounting Court (TCU) Observatory, the Public Control Project, and the Project Public Reporters Program against Corruption, financed by FGV Presidency.

Together with the research activities, the Public Group promotes dialogues to debate complex legal scenarios and present proposals to the legal community. Its seminars are thematic, and have as background studies developed by its members, where corruption prevention, legal security, control of public administration, public innovation, and public procurement stand out. The Public Group also supports FGV Sao Paulo Law School and partner institutions’ initiatives, with emphasis on the Brazilian Society of Public Law (SBDP), and its scientific initiation and teaching program, called Public Training School (EFp). In addition, it holds the Debate Cycle on Law and Public Management, which brings students in training closer to the most advanced topics currently on the agenda.


Supervisor professor:

Carlos Ari Sundfeld 


Juliana Bonacorsi de Palma 


Ana Luíza Santos

André Janjácomo Rosilho

Camila Gambaroni

Conrado Valentini Tristão

Giovanna Mauad

Guilherme Jardim Jurksaitis

Jacintho Arruda Câmara

João Domingos Liandro

Mariana Villela

Milena Oliveira Santana

Ricardo Alberto Kanayama

Vera Cristina Caspari Monteiro

Yasser Reis Gabriel

Victória Sanchez