Digital Human Rights

The commitment to creating a new paradigm of excellene, and the permanent improvement of education result from the recognition of the strategic role of Law in consolidating a democratic society. Thus, one of the goals of FGV Sao Paulo Law School as an educational institution is to contribute to the improvement of citizenship, by expanding strategies to improve the legal awareness of Brazilian citizens, promoting the full exercise of citizenship and democracy.

In this context, the relevance of teaching Human Rights stands out. The development of the internet has brought new human rights’ problems to society. Brazilian legislative production in recent years shows this concern (Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, General Data Protection Law, Carolina Dieckmann’s Law on computer crimes, among others). With the higher number of connected households, the number of users and people who interact on the network also increases, thus increasing the probability of social conflicts involving rights. Laws do not resolve rights violations alone. Education is essential to foster a culture of respect for rights.

Learn below about some of FGV Sao Paulo Law Schools’ projects on Human Rights.

Estudantes utilizando computadores e tablets

Human Rights series

The Human Rights video series intends to be used as course material by professors, to arouse students’ curiosity on legal themes.