Technology impact on Law

Innovation is increasingly present in the world of Law. Startups develop products that facilitate the day-to-day of offices and legal departments, while the Judiciary incorporates artificial intelligence solutions for trials and assistance to people. The need to improve the management of processes and knowledge in legal institutions, and the development of more inclusive, collaborative, and creative organizational cultures is more and more  discussed, with emphasis on the importance of educational institutions in preparing students for this innovative environment.

FGV Sao Paulo Law School, through its Center for Teaching and Research on Innovation, carries out scientific research that diagnoses the reality and future of Law professionals. These studies guide school’s faculty to innovate in their courses, in order to continuously meet market and society needs related to technology, new businesses, ethical dilemmas, equity, and justice.

See below some of FGV Sao Paulo Law School initiatives related to innovation.

Evento sobre automação de documentos jurídicos com alunos