Internship Fair

Since 2007, FGV Direito SP organizes the Internship Fair annually, which brings together partner institutions interested in getting closer to the school's students. This is an exclusive and personalized event for undergraduate students that prepares them for selection processes and offers an opportunity of networking with the market.

The Internship Fair seeks to increase the development and immersion of students in the professional reality, enabling them to take the lead of their careers and allowing participating firms to meet young professionals from the undergraduate course at FGV Sao Paulo Law School.

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Bringing employers closer to students

The Internship Fair is open to all undergraduate students of FGV Sao Paulo Law School, but is mainly directed to students who are at the end of the third year and about to end the full time stage of the course, when they will be able to start their professional internship.

The purpose of this event is to bring employers closer to the school and help students enter the market, expanding their knowledge of career possibilities and areas of expertise. Through the Internship Fair, students can learn more about the legal market, establish a professional network, and count on school's support to enter the market. This support is provided through career guidance talks, individual conversations, personalized resume reviews, and simulated interviews.

The participating employers, in turn, have the possibility of approaching the innovations and specializations introduced by FGV Sao Paulo Law School in the training of future legal professionals, and strengthen the relationship with the educational institution, recruiting professionals with a strong training in various fields of legal action.

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