Library Of Cases

Our Library of Cases is a project developed by the São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas to innovate and upgrade the teaching of law.
The preparation and dissemination of good practices for the transformation of legal education have been a goal of DIREITO SP since its inception. Accordingly, the School adopts participatory teaching methods that require the preparation of teaching materials alternative to those available. These methods are disclosed to all those interested.

In 2005, DIREITO SP has partnered with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to establish a Library of Cases, that is, a digital collection of case studies for educational application. In 2007, new funding has enabled the production of another batch of cases, increasing the original collection. Finally, in 2011, we had the third round of cases. In addition to the cases produced by the researchers selected by public call, the Library of Cases offers other materials produced in the school.

The cases present accounts of real situations involving law, and can be used both for participatory classes that make use of the case method, and for research and study. Each case presents, in addition to the account of the problem situation and accompanying documents, a “teaching note” that brings suggestions for its use in the classroom.

The cases address some current controversial issues and the contents reflect the views of their authors rather than the views of DIREITO SP. All these productions are public goods and available for reference and download and may be cited provided the source is mentioned.
Suggested citation: LIMA, Leandro R. R. et al. MG 050: arbitragem em parcerias público-privadas. Casoteca DIREITO SP, São Paulo, 2011. Available at: <link to the case>. Accessed on: December 20, 2011.
We hope that our Library of Cases be encouraging to all those engaged in the improvement and renewal of legal education.



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