Economic Criminal Law

The Economic Criminal Law line involves the study and research of legal practices and solutions adopted in the interactions between the public and private sectors, from an integrated and multidisciplinary view of reality, with an emphasis on public contracts, partnerships with the private and third sectors, corporate arrangements, economic and sector regulation, public policies with an impact on business activity, control instruments and public governance, resolution, and disputes, and professional ethics. All courses of action unfold into projects with more specific thematic cuts. See below the projects linked to the Economic Criminal Law line.

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Professor Mario Engler Pinto Jr.

Focus on company crime

Learn more about the Economic Criminal Law line of the Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School with professor Heloísa Estellita.

Research projects

Ancillary role in Criminal Economic Law

Ancillary role in Criminal Economic Law

The project focuses on the ancillary role of Criminal Law, concerning the assumptions of punishment (unfair and culpable), covering the elements of remission of the criminal type, the agent's error in these cases, the risk allowed in the basic regulation for criminal typicality, the impact of the definition of elementary norms by extra-penal instances. In the case of sanctions, the ancillary role involves the concept of sanction and the application of the ne bis in idem principle. There are also questions about the need to finish the administrative process for a criminal prosecution, the reciprocal effects of criminal and extra-criminal decisions, the limits of sharing, validity, and evidence valuation.

Criminal guardianship of the company and in the company

The project focuses on the company as a space for the practice of crimes and as a victim of criminal behavior, comprising two axes. The first axis connects with the general part of Criminal Law, covering the themes of individual criminal responsibility of directors for crimes committed within the company, and the criminal responsibility of the company itself. The second axis goes back to the special part of Criminal Law and considers the company as a victim of crimes, such as the asset infidelity of its directors, the unfair administration, and the practices of private corruption.

Teoria, Metodologia e Profissões Jurídicas

O projeto focaliza temáticas sobre as diferentes vertentes da teoria do direito e suas implicações práticas no campo dos negócios, da tributação, da atuação pública e dos crimes econômicos. Também abrange questões sobre metodologia de pesquisa para uso acadêmico e profissional, combinado com tendências do mercado de trabalho, organização e deontologia da atuação profissional, e dilemas éticos.

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