Law and technology

The Law and Technology line explores the relationships between the legal system and new technologies in the contemporary scenario, with an emphasis on complex legal problems, whose solution is challenging due to the lack of appropriate regulations, of consolidated jurisprudence, and even of academic production based on the knowledge of the concrete reality, and properly grounded on theory. See below the research projects under the Law and Technology line. 

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Professor Mario Engler Pinto Jr.

Frontier themes of legal knowledge

Learn more about the Law and Technology line of the Professional Master's Degree at FGV Sao Paulo Law School with Professor Alexandre Pacheco da Silva.

Research projects

Technology as a catalyst for social and legal conflicts

The project seeks to understand the operation of technologies that generate social conflicts linked to complex legal issues, such as privacy and protection of personal data, artificial intelligence, crypto asset and block chain, data encryption, and information security.

Technology as a tool for providing legal services and teaching law

The project aims to analyze technology as a tool for the provision of legal services in different types of organizations (law firms, judges' offices, legal departments, legal consulting), understanding the impact of new technologies on the provision of jurisdiction, the new technological contours for law firms, the figure of lawtechs, legaltechs and investment in startups in the legal market.

Transactions and risk management in technological scenarios

The project is dedicated to formulating models for analyzing ethical and legal risks in the preliminary phases of developing products with technological innovation, considering the time lag between their launch and the publication of legal norms adapted to the new reality. Priority topics include algorithmic ethics, technology contracts, legal structuring of venture capital investment, accountability of health professionals, bioethics in systems, internet of things, and management and control of online content.

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