DIREITO SP Law School’s Graduate Program (GVlaw) is accepting candidates for the course “Doing Pro Bono in Brazil: practices, incentives and perspectives”

31/01/2014[Atualizado em: 17/04/2017 - 08:58]

The course, offered in partnership with New Perimeter, PILnet - Public Interest Law Network and Pro Bono Institute, aims to raise the issue of the possibilities, incentives and ethical issues involved in pro bono practices and to discuss the various models and practices around the world. The goal is to promote a debate on the perspectives of public interest law practice in Brazil.

“The timing could not be better”, says Marcos Fuchs, executive-director of Instituto Pro Bono. For the specialist, the public hearing on the restrictions on pro bono in Brazil and the strong participation of civil society in the debate led the Brazilian Bar to suspend the limitations on some sectionals. “The order ended up creating a committee to propose a regulation on the implementation of pro bono practice on a national level ,” says Fuchs .

For more information, candidates may access the link. Registration ends on February 20th and the beginning of the course is scheduled for March 24th.

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