FGV and São Paulo Court of Appeals sign cooperation agreement

18/02/2014[Atualizado em: 17/04/2017 - 08:59]


On February 11, São Paulo Court of Appeals and FGV - through the School of Applied Mathematics (EMAp) and São Paulo Law School (Direito SP) - signed a technical, academic, scientific and technological cooperation agreement to exchange experiences and expertise.

In the partnership, the entities are committed to cooperate in the production of knowledge and reports based on data and reports provided by the TJ-SP, mapping strategies, aligning activities and validating analysis and results, besides exchanging knowledge and discussing solutions aimed at addressing the issues raised, among other actions.

The President of the TJ-SP, Appellate Judge José Renato Nalini, celebrated the important partnership with FGV in the first months of administration and pointed out that the biggest court in the world has problems proportionally to its gigantism. "Every help, in particular in niches of excellence, such as FGV's professors and technicians, is very important. I hope that with the inclusion of mathematics we can leverage a number of ongoing projects," he said.

For the president of Fundação Getulio Vargas, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, the partnership will allow the discovery of "aggregate behavior of difficult perception", contributing to the modernization of the judiciary. The director of São Paulo Law School, Oscar Vilhena Vieira, expressed gratitude to TJ-SP's team for the fast settlement of the partnership. "We are honored to participate in this moment," he said.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed at the office of the Presidency of TJ-SP and was attended by the director of EMAp, Maria Izabel Camacho; GVlaw's director, Emerson Ribeiro Fabiani; and Professors Renato Rocha Souza, José Reinaldo de Lima Lopes and Flávio Codeço Coelho.

The act was also attended by the deputy judges of the Presidency, Antonio Carlos Alves Braga Júnior, Fernando Antonio Tasso and Gustavo Santini Teodoro, and the head of the office, Paulo Bomfim.


In October 2013, FGV also partnered with Rio de Janeiro Court of Appeals through EMAp. "For the TJ-RJ, there's the possibility to anticipate more accurately the litigious behavior in the State and strategically plan the allocation of resources. As for FGV, the agreement will provide a broad agenda of quantitative research under the officiation of the judiciary and access to justice", explained Maria Izabel Camacho.

Just as it will be done in São Paulo, the cooperation of EMAp in TJ-RJ allows the analysis and discussion of methods and solutions to problems raised during the study, from data extracted from the systems of the Court.

The cooperation agreement is deferrable, and was signed for five years.

*with the collaboration of the Social Communication of TJ-SP

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