FGV's São Paulo Law School is the only institution in Latin America listed in Financial Times ranking

12/11/2013[Atualizado em: 17/04/2017 - 08:57]

The master's program of São Paulo Law School at Fundação Getulio Vargas (DIREITO SP) is one of the most innovative in the world. That is what the new ranking of the newspaper Financial Times, published yesterday, November 11th, indicates. The program of the School is the only one in Latin America included in the listing, which includes 85 institutions of America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

The ranking analyzed information such as the number of strictu sensu graduate programs offered by Law teaching institutions, the degree of dedication, number of students, nationalities involved, total cost, existence of school grants and partnerships with other institutions. The Professional and Academic masters degree of São Paulo Law School were considered in this evaluation. "This recognition is a result of a radical commitment to innovation in teaching, the role of the student, internationalization and academic excellence", says Oscar Vilhena Vieira, director of São Paulo Law School.

When talking about internationalization, Oscar Vilhena referred to the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) - a pioneer project coordinated by São Paulo Law School, which brings together prestigious Law Schools in the world to facilitate the cooperation in the development of research and teaching methods, among other activities - ; and also the Latin American Initiative for Law and Development (Iladd), which seeks to develop works to expand the understanding about the reactions among Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law in Latin America.

"Innovation in the teaching process permeates and integrates undergraduate, master's and specialization programs. The objective of the School is to train a new generation of lawyers who will contribute to the development of the country," concludes Oscar Vilhena Vieira.

Please click here and check the position of São Paulo Law School in the special article of the Financial Times.

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