São Paulo Law School integrates communications regulatory commission in Colombia

07/02/2014[Atualizado em: 17/04/2017 - 08:59]

The professor of Negotiation, Mediation and Dispute Systems Design, at FGV's São Paulo Law School (FGV/DIREITO SP), Diego Faleck, was hired by the telecommunications regulatory body of Colombia - Commisíon de Regulacíon de Comunicaciones (CRC) - to design a new system for resolving disputes between users and operators in the Colombian telecommunications market.

The new regulatory framework in the sector provides more power to consumers, the resolution of disputes with a focus on the interests of the parties and user satisfaction, and reduction of costs and time consumption. For this reason, the project aims to diagnose the dispute categories existing in this market, its causes and the processes by which they are resolved.

Faleck was in Bogota in January, where he met with competent operators of fixed and mobile telephone services of all sizes, virtual operators, regulation and government agencies, and representatives of the Technology and Communications Ministry, trade associations and consumer protection.

The plan should also be presented in the first half of 2014.

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