Yale Law Journal publishes article by Professor of São Paulo Law School

19/12/2013[Atualizado em: 17/04/2017 - 08:58]

The Business Law professor of São Paulo Law School (DIREITO SP), Mariana Pargendler, recently had her article published by the Yale Law Journal - one of the most prestigious legal publications in the world.

The text "The Evolution of Shareholder Voting Rights: Separation of Ownership and Consumption ", written in co-authorship with the Professor at Yale Law School, Henry Hansmann, analyzes the evolution of shareholders' voting rights in corporations over time.

According to the authors, in the nineteenth century the statutes of companies often imposed a maximum limit to the number of votes per shareholder, while today the ideal of "one share, one vote" prevails. They also emphasize that while much of the literature on the subject focuses on the emergence of the "separation between ownership and control," the "separation between ownership and consumption" is another milestone, but so far ignored in the history of corporations.

Please click here to read the full article.

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