Center of Fiscal Studies

Starting year: 2009

Prof. Eurico Marcos Diniz de Santi

Assistant Researcher: Andréia Cristina Scapin



Research Area

  • Fiscal Transparency and Development

    The Center for Fiscal Studies (NEF), focused on the effort to the investigation about the role of law in the Brazilian development (“Law & Development”), has directed its research on transparency and information access in order to ensure the Democratic Law State ideal, as provided in the Preamble of The National Constitution of 1988, and in the fundamental right to information (Article 5, item XXXIII) at the same Establishment. The fight for transparency carries the potential to open ways to overcoming practical problems of Brazilian tax law, allowing the legality to be known by the public and be submitted to the control of the whole Brazilian society to the reinforcing of the institutions. That’s why the main topic research of the Center of Fiscal Studies (NEF), which uses tools to interfere in the public debate in defense of transparency in taxation, such as the Transparency Index of the Administrative Litigation Tax (iCAT) - produced by the measuring of objective standards, able to quote the transparency of taxation in public entities – in order to enable the Social Development and improve Brazil.


    Fiscal Transparency Index in Football World Cup Brazilian Cities
    Transparency Index of the Administrative Tax Litigation of the Brazilian States (ICAT)
    Tax Secrecy
    Exchange of Information between Global Tax Administrations



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