Center for Law, Economics and Governance

Starting Year: 2013

Prof. Bruno Meyerhof Salama, Prof. Mariana Pargendler

Researcher: Bruno Bastos Becker




Research Area

  • Law, Finance and Corporate Governance

    This research line aims to study the firms’ organization forms and the legal instruments employed to finance the economic activity. The governance structures of the Brazilian companies will be analyzed in an economic, historical and/or comparative perspective, considering as well as their implications to the development of the financial and capital markets.


    Stated-owned Enterprises and Corporate Governance
    International Corporate Governance

  • Institutions of Private Law and Economic Rationality

    This research line aims to study the main institutes of the Brazilian private law under the methodology of Law and Economics. For this purpose, it is adopted microeconomic notions and assumptions as a basis to analyze the economic rationalities underlying several rules of civil and commercial law.


    Voting restrictions in companies in the 19th Century: ownership or consume under protection?

  • Law and Economics in Brazilian Context

    This research line aims at investigating the development of the economic analysis of law in roman-germanic legal systems and, particularly, in Brazilian law. It will be examined how and to what extent the characteristics of the Brazilian institutions would require the reformulation of theoretical premises or the devise of new methods and uses of economic tools for analyzing legal problems.


    The Role of Legal Doctrine in Law and Economics
    Economic Arguments in Courts



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