Crime and Punishment Study Center

Research Area

  • Criminal law and demands for punishment and incarceration

    The purpose of this research line is to explore the role of criminal law and the punishment in political understanding of citizens and political and social actors especially at the time of formulating demands for hardening criminal laws and imprisonment, as well as the limitations and counterproductive effects of this grammar. Thus, it is intended to look at the consequences of the regulation of social problems by means of criminal law, under the backdrop of regulatory alternatives present in other grammars of law and other social orders. We observed this phenomenon not only on issues related to the field of public safety, but also in the processes of formation of public policies for equality and recognition. Thus, we seek to reflect on the role of criminal law in the process of realization of human rights in a Democratic State.


    Carandiru is not something of the past
    The enigma of the scale of penalties in the West: human rights and the paradox of radical penalties
    The law viewed from the inside: the dispute concerning the Maria da Penha Law put in practice

  • The criminal legal system and its boundaries

    Within this research line, we seek to rethink the division of tasks between the legislative, judiciary and executive in criminal matters. Regarding the crimes, we are interested in studying the ideal of completeness of the criminal types and scope of interpretation of the judge. Regarding sanction rules, we are concerned about the obstacles to assess the case in sanctioning process. We are also interested in observing the performance of the Executive in the preparation of criminal laws and in the exercise of judicial functions (administrative law sanctioning).


    Coordination of legal responses to political corruption



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