Private Law and Public Policy

Starting year: 2014

Coordinator: Flávia Portella Püschel


Research Area

  • Institutions of the Rule of Law and Political and Social Development

    This research line has for its object the functioning of democratic rule of law institutions responsible for the production, interpretation and application of law, as set in constitutional and international public spheres. The study of the Judiciary and the judicial process, of public policy, fundamental rights, international institutions, as well as the risk society, seeks to promote a public understanding of the legal mechanisms that enable or constrain the achievement of autonomy. In this line of research are included Public Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, and International Criminal Law.


    Tort Law and Public Policy

  • Business Law and Economic and Social Development

    This research line aims at studying the regulation of the business environment. As it is well known, circulation and distribution of wealth take place in a sphere largely governed by law, in which legal norms and institutions contribute to or discourage economic growth, as well as impact on how wealth produced in a given society is appropriated by different groups. In this sense, the study of the tax system, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, democratization of capital markets and transnational economic relations, seeks to contribute to the understanding of legal mechanisms related to sustainable development and the expansion of opportunities of social and individual autonomy.


    Private Law and Public Policy: Legal Certainty, Legitimacy and Regulatory Aspects



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