Teaching Methodology Center

Starting year: 2012

Coordinators: Prof. Marina Feferbaum, Prof. José Garcez Ghirardi

Assistant Researcher: Bruna Romano Pretzel

email: marina.feferbaum@fgv.br

Research Area

  • Legal Education Methods

    The objectives of this research field are: 1) To identify and gather methods, strategies and techniques of participatory education, in order to build a repertoire focused on legal education. 2) To analyze these methods, techniques and strategies and their contribution to a better understanding of the matter being taught. 3) To adapt, when appropriate, foreign legal education techniques, as well as non-legal education techniques, for Brazilian legal education. 4) To develop new teaching dynamics having law and its related teaching methodology as a starting point.


    Active Legal Education Materials Database

  • Brazilian Legal Education

    The objective of this research field is to present current diagnoses of Brazilian legal education in several aspects: the regulatory context, the profile of law schools, the profiles of faculty and students, and the curricula of law schools, including their teaching methodology. In order to reach this objective, we aim to conduct quantitative research, with the help of public databases such as those provided by INEP and IBGE, as well as qualitative research, i.e. through case studies. broaden the set of teaching aids in order to incorporate new technologies, with the following approach: (i) Identifying possibilities offered by technological advances; (ii) Studying the viability of educational use of these possibilities; (iii) Measuring the scale of application of these possibilities, transforming them into teaching aids; (iv) Identifying methods, strategies and techniques in participatory education that can incorporate these aids.



    Observatory on Legal Education


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