Oscar Vilhena Vieira

Professor at FGV São Paulo Law School since:
Permanent Faculty
Full-time dedication
Curso de vínculo:
Mestrado e Doutorado Acadêmico

Oscar Vilhena Vieira is the Dean and founding Professor at FGV São Paulo Law School (FGV Direito SP), where he teaches Constitutional Law, Human Rights, and Law and Development. He has a B.A. in law from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, a LL.M. from Columbia University in New York, a M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of São Paulo and made his post-doctoral studies at the Centre for Brazilian Studies - St. Antonies College, at Oxford University, where was honored with the Sérgio Vieira de Mello fellowship. Oscar Vilhena is Global Fellow at Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He served as state attorney for São Paulo, was executive secretary of the United Nations Latin American Institute in Brazil, executive secretary of the Teotonio Vilela Commission for Human Rights, legal adviser for the Center for the Studies of Violence of the University of São Paulo and participated on the Human Rights and Latin America boards of Open Society Foundation. He is also a founding member and former executive director of Conectas Human Rights, the Pro Bono Institute, and former president of Law Schools Global League (LSGL). Nowadays, he is on the board of Ethos Institute, Fair Trials Organization, and Institute for Integrated Transitions. He is a founding member and advisor of the Arns Commission for Human Rights and General Coordinator of the FGV multidisciplinary team in the evaluation of the socio-environmental disasters in Rio-Doce and Brumadinho. Oscar Vieira wrote several books and academic articles. Among his most recent publications are: “Battle of Powers”; “Estado de Direito e Populismo Autoritário”; “Inequality and the Subversion of the Rule of Law”; “Transformative Constitutionalism”; “Direitos Fundamentais – uma leitura da jurisprudência do STF”, “Direitos Humanos e Vida Cotidiana”, and “Constituição e sua reserva de justiça”. Besides his academic career, Oscar Vilhena is a columnist at one of the most important newspapers in Brazil - the Folha de São Paulo and an active pro bono lawyer in cases of public interest and advocate in defense of democracy and human rights.