The Pro-Health program gives support to students during their education period, given the various demands they experience during this life stage.

There are many challenges: moving to another city, leaving parents' house, changes in the relationship with them, difficulty in reconciling the activities at FGV Sao Paulo Law School or outside it, meeting academic requirements, doubts and uncertainties in entering the professional market or even personal anxieties by feeling a foreigner in any space.

Faced with such challenges, Pro-Health offers students the resource of individual psychological care (around six sessions) with professionals who work outside FGV Sao Paulo Law School, to allow a better understanding of the problems faced and seek solutions to their questions.

Individual Care

  • Services are individual and carried out outside FGV Sao Paulo Law School.
  • All services ensure ethical confidentiality on the content addressed during the sessions.
  • Students who wish to continue their therapeutic process will be referred to other professionals.

Contact Us

For scheduling, questions, and clarifications, contact Tiago Corbisier Matheus ( If you wish a woman to make  the first contact, please reach Camille Gaviolli ( In case of emergency, contact Lívio Diniz, at FGV Sao Paulo Law School coordination (+55 11 3799-2278).


Pro-Health offers to menuen to conflicts and concerns of young people, in order to allow them achieving greater clarity about these issues and, from there, seek alternatives for referral.

  • It is a space for attentive and confidential menuening.
  • It offers the possibility of specifying the resources available for each case.
  • It is a short-term service (around 6 sessions); for a more extensive service, we refer to other professionals.

Como funciona o atendimento oferecido pelo Programa?

Os atendimentos oferecem uma escuta aos conflitos e inquietações do jovem, a fim de permitir que o próprio possa ter maior clareza sobre suas questões e, a partir daí, busque alternativas de encaminhamento. É um espaço de escuta, atenta e sigilosa.

Oferece a possibilidade de discriminar os recursos disponíveis para cada caso, com atendimentos de curta duração (em torno de 6 sessões), e para um atendimento mais extenso, será oferecido o encaminhamento a outros profissionais, pois os profissionais que atendem pelo programa não podem receber os casos encaminhados.

What kind of problem can I bring to Pro-Health?

Everyone has her/his particular issues or anxieties, depending on the moment and situation. Therefore, different types of problems can be a sufficient reason to seek help:

  • Situations of great anguish and threat of loss of control – feelings of inadequacy, panic.
  • Stress and difficulties in academic performance.
  • Isolation – loss, anger, loneliness, sadness, depression.
  • Difficulties in relating with  family, friends, colleagues – involvement, jealousy, abuse.
  • Family issues – parents, children, paternity, separation and divorce, homesickness.
  • Loss of self-confidence – feeling obsessed with failure, feeling of not being  good enough, feeling of being judged.
  • Depression –feeling of isolation, emptiness, sadness, lack of love.
  • Suicide ideas.
  • Repetitive destructive behavior.  Binge eating, self-aggression, abusive relationships, alcohol, and drugs

What should I say during the sessions?

During the appointments, you can say everything that comes to mind, and it does not matter how you present the problems.

Can I wait for advice?

At first sight, advices may seem a relief from a particular problem. However, they are of little help, as this strategy does not explore the capacity of each young person to build his/her solutions and understand his/her problems. Pro-Health assistance, on the other hand, aims to encourage the autonomy of young people; therefore, it considers that they can participate actively in the decisions about their own life.

Do I have to pay?

Pro-Health is offered by FGV Sao Paulo Law School at no additional cost to the  students, as part of the support system created to provide them with the necessary conditions to develop their learning in the best possible way. For specialized follow-up, other than this psychological assistance, young people will be referred to an external service. Financial difficulties will be taken into consideration when referring to external experts.

What are the confidentiality limits of Pro-Health?

The services follow the professional code of ethics that defends confidentiality regarding everything that happens during the sessions. As a result, FGV Sao Paulo Law School does not have access to the specific material on therapeutic appointments carried out by Pro-Health.

And if I want to choose the gender of who will assist me?

We can accommodate your request. Find out more when you make the initial contact.