Ana Elvira Luciano Gebara

Professor at FGV São Paulo Law School since:
Part-time Faculty
Curso de vínculo:
Mestrado e Doutorado Acadêmico

Ph.D. (2010) and Master (1999) in Literature, Portuguese Language and Philology from the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences (FFLCH/USP). She has a degree in Italian and Portuguese Studies from same school (1992) and is Bachelor of Arts in Language Teaching, School of Education, USP (1993). Professor at FGV Sao Paulo Law School. Her work at FGV Sao Paulo Law School focuses on the interface of gender, language structures, and legal argument, and relates to her broader research on language teaching. She is a member of the Teaching Methodology Nucleus and of FGV Direito SP Committee for the analysis of the National Exam of Student Performance (ENADE). She is also a professor in the Course of Arts and Master’s Program in Linguistics, at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul.