Celia Maria Silva Carvalho

Professor at FGV São Paulo Law School since:
Contributor Faculty

PhD in Public Administration and Government, from FGV/USP, SP (2015). Master in Public Administration from João Pinheiro Foundation/MG (2005). Expert in Financial Administration – UNA University Center, Brazil (1989). Graduated in Administration from the School of Economic, Administrative, and Accounting Sciences of Divinópolis (1984). President of the Ibero-American Forum for Intergovernmental Budget and Fiscal Coordination. President of the State Finance Managers Group/GEFIN- Vice-president of National Association of Public Finance Professionals (Aprofin) since 2017. Founding member of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Financiación Local (AIFIL- Oviedo/ES). Special Advisor to the State Secretariat of Finance - MG-2020. Former Head of the Fiscal, Budget, and Financial Policy Advisory, and National Parliamentary Advisor (2015 to Dec. 2019) of São Paulo State Secretariat of Finance and Planning. Executive Coordinator of GEFIN (2015 to 2018).