Guilherme Forma Klafke

Professor at FGV São Paulo Law School since:
Permanent Faculty
Part-time Faculty
Curso de vínculo:
Mestrado Profissional

Guilherme Forma Klafke is a Professor in the undergraduate, professional graduate, and postgraduate lato sensu programs at FGV LAW SP in the areas of Law and Technology. He teaches courses related to the governance and regulation of the Internet, Artificial Intelligence, and other emerging technologies. He serves as a leader and project manager at the Center for Teaching and Research in Innovation at FGV LAW SP, where he has been actively engaged since 2018. Dr. Klafke earned his Doctorate in Constitutional Law in 2019 and his Master's degree from 2012 to 2015, both from the University of São Paulo. He has been a contributor to the Brazilian Society of Public Law since 2011, where he coordinated the Public Formation School in 2017. Previously, he served as a Philosophy of Law Professor at the São Bernardo do Campo Law School from 2017 to 2018 and has been a researcher at the Teaching Methodology Center of FGV LAW SP since 2013. His research interests encompass Constitutional Law, Constitutional Jurisdiction, Legal Education, Participatory Teaching, Digital Human Rights, and Philosophy of Law.