Thiago de Souza Amparo


Thiago de Souza Amparo is a professor at FGV Direito SP and FGV International Relations School, teaching courses on human rights, international law, diversity and discrimination policies and law. He is a lawyer, with a bachelor's degree from PUC-SP, a master's degree in human rights (LLM) from the Central European University and a PhD from the same university. He was a visiting scholar at Columbia University (New York - United States). He is expert in constitutional law, public policy as well as diversity and antidiscrimination law. He was a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Open Society Foundations, among others, on the issue of racial and LGBT discrimination. He was deputy secretary of human rights and citizenship at the São Paulo City Hall between January and May 2017. He writes weekly for the main newspaper in Brazil, Folha de S. Paulo.

Books and chapters

AMPARO, T. S., Reframing Powerlessness Inside and Outside Courts: Equality claims of harm in Brazil and South Africa. In: Andras Sajo; Renata Uitz. (Org.). Critical Essays on Human Rights Criticism. 1ed.Haia: Eleven International Publishing, 2020, v. , p. 1-350.

AMPARO, T. S., "Desafiando a Desigualdade Racial no Meio Jurídico", In: Desafios da promoção de diversidade racial nos ambientes de trabalho, Mattos Filho, 2018, pp. 13-18, acesso 15 Jan. 2019..

FRIEDMAN, Samuel; THIAGO, AMPARO. On Pluralism and its Limits: The Constitutional Approach to Sexual Minority Freedom in Brazil and the Way Ahead. PRETORIA UNIVERSITY LAW PRESS. Transformative constitutionalism: Comparing the apex courts of Brazil, India and South Africa. Pretoria, p. 267-289, 2013.

Articles published in newspapers and magazines

Weekly columnist for the Folha de S. Paulo Newspaper

AMPARO, T.S., Why America’s Protests Resonate so Deeply in America. In: Americas Quarterly. 08 jun 2020.

AMPARO, T. S.; "Diversificando Saberes", SUR 28 (2018), acesso 15 Jan. 2019.

AMPARO, T. S.; HORVATHOVA, A. Catch Me If You Can: Post ? Daimler Transnational Litigation. Queen Mary Law Journal, v. 6, p. 1-28, 2015.

AMPARO, T. S.. Notes on Countermovements and Conservative Lawyering: The Bumpy Road to Constitutional Marriage Equality in Brazil. FGV DIREITO SP LAW SCHOOL LEGAL STUDIES RESEARCH PAPER SERIES, v. 124, p. 1, 2015.

AMPARO, T. S.. O que está por trás do debate sobre racismo e partidos políticos?. Nexo Jornal, 07 ago. 2018.

AMPARO, T. S.. Análise: Incertezas jurídicas e racismo à brasileira. Estado de São Paulo, São Paulo, 12 jan. 2018.

AMPARO, T. S.. O Programa de Metas de SP em Direitos Humanos: O que ele não diz. Nexo Jornal, 22 jul. 2017.



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