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E-Commerce, Consumer Law, and Data Protection: The responsibility of intermediaries for customizing offers on digital platforms

Ano de criação

The research seeks to provide support for the Brazilian debate on the limits of liability (civil and administrative) of intermediaries for the personalization of goods and services’ offers available on digital platforms, especially in light of sectorial laws, such as the Consumer Protection Code and the General Data Protection Law. To this end, it (i) identifies the international legal debate on the topic, based on a literature review; (ii) seeks the issue’ s regulatory treatment  in several foreign jurisdictions, to identify regulatory norms at a transnational level; and ( iii) assesses the subject’s state of the art in Brazil.  




Produtos de pesquisa

  • Policy papers

    Personalização de Ofertas em Marketplaces Digitais – limites da Defesa do Consumidor, da Proteção de Dados e da Defesa da Concorrência

  • Artigos técnicos

    Como fica o Código de Defesa do Consumidor a partir da vigência da LGPD?

    Autor(es): , Victor Doering da Silveira