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Linha: Legal Education

Online Participatory Teaching

Ano de criação

Based on FGV Sao Paulo Law School’s experience and the analysis of other educational institutions, it seeks to help and inspire professors to develop new learning possibilities, considering the specificities of the online environment and relevant pedagogical issues. Focused on essential aspects of the preparation of course programs, it intends to list the main challenges and how to face them. It also focuses on building examples of dynamics for synchronous meetings, asynchronous activities, assessment formats, and ways of using free technological tools, which can contribute to the development of participatory and innovative legal education, both now and in the future.

Produtos de Pesquisa

  • Guias

    Ensino participativo online: fundamentos, métodos e ferramentas

    Autor(es): , Clio Nudel Radomysler , Enya Carolina Silva Costa
  • Guias

    Ensino participativo online: recomendações para o contexto atual

    Autor(es): Marina Feferbaum , Clio Nudel Radomysler