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Agenda for Socioenvironmental Rights at the Federal Supreme Court

Ano de criação

The Project “Agenda for Socioenvironmental Rights at the Federal Supreme Court” consists of a survey of all actions filed in the last 30 years that await  judgment by the Supreme Court, which address issues of interest to social and environmental rights. The topics are demarcation of indigenous lands, environmental licenses, environmentally protected territories, water resources, and mining, among others. The resulting Database d, which has 365 legal actions, brings information on the class and action number, summary, reporting institution, relevant topic, and progress, in addition to a report containing a detailed analysis of the most relevant actions. First,there will be  access to information on what subjects will be deliberated by e STF in the coming months and years; therefore, what conflicts wll be brought  to the court. From there, groups interested in these themes can discuss their interpretation.



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