Supreme Court on the Agenda

The institutional design of the Federal Supreme Court: agenda powers between the physical and the virtual plenary

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The power of the president of the Federal Supreme Court in defining the plenary's judgment agenda has been gaining increasing prominence in public debate. The progressive expansion of the competencies of the Virtual Plenary seems, however, to have altered the power dynamics among the ministers of the Supreme Court, reducing the prerogatives of the president of the court. These recent changes in dynamics have not yet been satisfactorily mapped. This research is intended to map the agenda powers (release for judgment, request for a view and request to be highlighted) in the virtual and physical plenary, comparing and evaluating the different existing dynamics.


Rubens Glezer

Ana Laura Pereira Barbosa

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    A ascensão do Plenário virtual: nova dinâmica, antigos poderes

    Autor(es): Rubens Glezer , Ana Laura Pereira Barbosa