Laboratory of Data and Empirical Research in Law (LabData)

Jurisprudence of  STF and Covid-19

Ano de criação

With the help of computing and artificial intelligence, the research seeks to understand the role of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) during the Covid-19 pandemic in all areas of law. The main questions that bthis project will seek to answer are:

(i) What issues have come to STF?

(ii) What is the context that takes these cases to STF?

(iii) How STF has been deciding on the measures?

(iv) Is there a jurisprudence for crisis or continuity at STF ?

(v) Is the crisis perception and the role of the STF consistent across different areas?

The project is currently subdivided into a few thematic axes: (1) penal; (2) responses to the pandemic, including social distancing and vaccination; (3) data transparency and confidentiality; (4) assistance benefits; (5) budgetary flexibility; and (6) contract review.



Daniel Wang


Andressa Vieira e Silva

Ezequiel Santos

Produtos de Pesquisa

  • Artigos acadêmicos

    Why Has a Progressive Court Failed to Protect the Prison Population against COVID-19? Mass Incarceration and Brazil’s Supreme Court

    Autor(es): Daniel Wei Liang Wang , Luisa Moraes Abreu Ferreira , Paulo Sergio Coelho Filho , Matheus de Barros , Julia Homsi , Mariana Zambom , Ezequiel Fajreldines dos Santos