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Legal heterodoxy in the Global South

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The project investigates how the institutional context of developing countries has changed basic elements of the legal dogma of central institutions in the modern economy, such as contract law and corporate law, among other fields. Specifically, it examines to what extent the higher inequality observed in developing countries and deficiencies in state capacity change the structure and functioning of essential legal institutions, a phenomenon that has been neglected by the literature on law and development.



Mariana Pargendler

Produtos de Pesquisa

  • Artigos acadêmicos

    Heterodoxia Jurídica no Sul Global: Desigualdade e Direito Contratual Comparado

    Autor(es): Mariana Pargendler , Kevin Davis
  • Artigos acadêmicos

    How Universal Is the Corporate Form? Reflections on the Dwindling of Corporate Attributes in Brazil

    Autor(es): Mariana Pargendler
  • Capítulos de Livro

    A Resistência ao Código do Capital no Brasil: Reflexões sobre a Heterodoxia Jurídica no Sul Global