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Linha: Business Law from an economic and comparative perspective

Regulation, Economy, and Market

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The project explores the various interactions between the legal and economic systems, to understand, criticize, and guide regulatory choices and structures. Furthermore, it aims to investigate the influences of the behavior of economic agents, and macro and microeconomic factors, on the organization, development, and decision-making in the legal field. Finally, the project develops analyses and discussions on the effects of normative alternatives on individual behavior, the organization of the economic system, the business environment, and market functioning. Examples of these interactions can be noticed in the use of economic analysis of law, and perspectives offered by behavioral economics and by the new institutional economics, for the proper regulation of property rights, contract drafting, financial market regulation and the credit market, knowledge of consumer behavior, analysis of processes of business organization, and regulation and judicial reorganization of companies. Some of these topics, although with relevant repercussions in economics, are still little explored in the law area, which places most studies of this research line distant from the more traditional analyses on the interactions between regulation and economics.




Cássio Machado Cavalli

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