Gender and Law Center

Rewriting decisions from a feminist perspective

Ano de criação

Inspired by projects of rewriting feminist judgments, already developed in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, it aims to analyze systematically court decisions and their arguments, in fields traditionally identified with “the women's issue” in law, such as domestic violence, but also areas normally considered neutral regarding gender, such as contracts and civil liability. The goal is to rewrite such decisions, in the future, from a perspective that places women at the center, doing so exclusively from feminist findings and theories. It is an exercise in (re)imagining the law and exploring its potential when false neutrality is openly removed and, with it, the biases (conscious or not) that make the law an instrument of women subordination.

The objective is not only to deconstruct, by criticizing the legal and jurisprudential framework, but also to reconstruct, by exploring new conceptual possibilities and contributing to build legal-dogmatic fields that consider the experiences of women ‘living’ the Law.


Flavia Puschel

Catarina Barbieri

Taís Penteado

Marta Machado

Produtos de Pesquisa

  • Capítulos de Livro

    O luto e a luta das mães que ficam: uma reescrita feminista sobre responsabilidade civil do Estado por letalidade policial

    Autor(es): Flavia Portella Püschel , Irene Jacomini Bonetti , Luisa Mozetic Plastino
  • Capítulos de Livro

    Reescritas feministas brasileiras: desafios locais de tradução