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Sustainability Agenda of Civil Society Organizations at the Federal Supreme Court

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This research consisted of an unprecedented survey of lawsuits that showed important aspects for the delimitation of the right to freedom of association, more specifically related to its sustainability dimension. In order to map actions still in progress, the study presents a prospective agenda of the subject at the Federal Supreme Court, allowing the participation  of actors that seek to improve the normative framework of civil society organizations. This research report provides general data on the actions, reporting institutions, and topics that make up the bank, in addition to the most relevant actions, grouped into major themes in a qualitative analysis of the arguments and actors of the process, with an emphasis on the amici curiae. The database “Sustainability of CSOs at the STF” brings other actions,and with a digital format, allows updating.



Grupo de Institutos Fundações e Empresas (GIFE)

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    Agenda da Sustentabilidade das Organizações da Sociedade Civil no Supremo Tribunal Federal

    Autor(es): Eloísa Machado de Almeida , Aline Gonçalves de Souza , Luíza Pavan Ferraro , Aline Viotto