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Transparency and tax citizenship of municipalities

Ano de criação

The goal of this study was to assess and encourage tax transparency in administrative litigation, in the cities that l would host the Soccer World Cup, in 2014, by collaborating to assign greater legal certainty through a broad and unrestricted transparency practiced within the Public Administration. At the same time, to increase tax citizenship, by inviting society to act as a leading player in an open and participatory process of social control of the legality of acts related to collecting (administration and litigation) and public spending, at such a relevant and strategic moment for Brazil,.

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    Percepção da transparência da legalidade concreta fiscal do Distrito Federal e dos municípios da Copa

    Autor(es): , Isaías Coelho , Mariana Pimentel , Basile Georges Campos Christopoulos4 , Daniel Leib Zugman , Frederico Silva Bastos , Guilherme Villela de Viana Bandeira