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Underrepresentation of women in top management positions: gender equity and public policies in Brazil

Ano de criação

The survey revealed, among other quantitative data, that women only hold 8% of management positions in Brazilian companies, although the number of men and women in Business Administration undergraduate and graduate courses is similar. Based on the diagnosis of women's underrepresentation, we analyzed which would the most appropriate public policies to achieve gender equity in decision-making in the corporate environment.


Alexandre Di Miceli

Angela Donaggio

Ligia Pires Pinto

Luciana de Oliveira Ramos

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  • Artigos técnicos

    A recente e antiga questão das cotas para mulheres em Conselhos de Administração

    Autor(es): Lígia Pires Pinto
  • Papers

    Women’s participation in senior management positions: gender social relations, law and corporate governance

    Autor(es): Lígia Pires Pinto , Luciana de Oliveira Ramos , Alexandre Di Miceli , Angela Donaggio