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Why you should study at FGV Sao Paulo Law School

Contemporary methods of teaching

FGV Sao Paulo Law School was created to break with the traditional way of studying Law, and graduates are not only mere legal practitioners, but instead, architects of solutions for the most complex legal problems, capable of creating a positive impact in society. To comply with  this commitment, the school does research and adopts participative methods of teaching, by exposing its students to knowledge  exchange in other areas, in all programs.  

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Focus in innovation

FGV Sao Paulo Law School is connected  with the changes  in society and Law innovations. Following current legal demands, the school has established communication with different institutions of the public and private sector and nonprofit organizations, to identify the needs of society and the market and offer high-quality education and innovative research, in order to meet high standards and public interest.

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Global presence

FGV Sao Paulo Law School is a cosmopolitan school from the beginning, and has become one of the most internationalized schools in the country. Always aware of international legal affairs, the school participates in global discussion forums, and has partnerships with over 40 foreign schools in different continents, which results in  discussing global issues and building collective actions. 

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Aware that plural experiences are essential to enrich the academic environment, FGV Sao Paulo Law School is constantly looking to incorporate diversity into its student body. The school offers a variety of scholarship programs and projects aimed at social, racial, and gender inclusion.

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Direito GV Law Review

Qualis/Capes A1

Direito GV Law Review is an academic online publication of FGV Sao Paulo Law School, published every four months, and ranked A1 in Qualis/Capes. The journal publishes original academic articles with a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. 

Revista Direito GV

Learn about some activities and projects of FGV Sao Paulo Law School